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City of Arlington Washington

238 N Olympic Ave, Arlington, WA, 98223, US


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Arlington Fire Self Inspection Form

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My address is plainly visible from the street

A "2A 10BC" (5lb) fire extiguisher is located within 75 feet of any location in the building

All fire extiguishers have been serviced and tagged within the last 12 months

All fire extiguishers are hung on the wall no higher than 5 feet from the floor

All fire extiguishers have no unobstructed access and are not blocked

All sheetrock and fire resistive construction is maintained without holes or breaks

All required fire doors are not blocked open

Boiler, furnace, and electrical rooms are free of combustible storage

All oily rags are stored in a metal container with a tight fitting lid

All Storage is kept at least 24 inches from ceiling

Combustible items are not stored under stairways, attics, or concealed spaces unless protected by 1-hour construction (5/8 sheetrock & fire taped)

Exit doors and pathways are not blocked or obstructed in any way

All exit doors are maintained in good operating condition

All exit doors may be opened from the inside without the use of a key (excludes front doors)

All exit doors do not contain any unapproved locks: slide bolts, bars, latches, or chains

All exit doors (doors leading outside) have an exit sign posted above

Any burned out light bulbs have been replaced in exit signs

All compressed gas cylinders are secured to prevent falling or being knocked over

Extension cords are only used on portable appliances and not as permanent wiring

Extension cords are plugged directly into an outlet or a multi-plug adapter with a breaker

Extension cords in use are not affixed to walls, run under carpet, or run through walls

Extension cords in use are not damaged or spliced

All electrical outlets, junction boxes and open breaker slots in panels have approved covers

Unobstructed access of 30 inches wide is maintained around electrical panel boxes